About LPA

Louisiana Partnership for the Arts (LPA) is the umbrella organization which represents the broad and diverse spectrum of artists, arts professionals, arts educators, arts organizations and agencies, and all those who produce, present, and serve the arts in Louisiana.

LPA defines itself as the hub of the Louisiana arts field. It is LPA's responsibility to participate in setting statewide arts policies that advance the growth and development of the arts field. Further, it is LPA's responsibility to initiate and foster partnerships, collaborations, and liaisons with all of the varied entities, agencies, and individual's as a means of implementing these goals. Additionally, it is LPA's responsibility to educate the citizens of Louisiana as to the value of public support for the arts.

LPA upholds a triune leadership structure in which we are equally governed by a partnership among the Louisiana State Arts Council (LSAC), the Louisiana Division of the Arts (DOA), and LPA. The primary criteria for membership is a desire to advance the arts in Louisiana.

What does LPA do?


The Partnership's most important program is advocacy from arts funding for the state legislature. This funding is administered by the Louisiana State Arts Council and the Louisiana Division of the Arts. Through the Decentralized Arts Funding program, funds are distributed on a per capita basis to every parish in the state.

Professional Development

The Partnership's Peer Assistance Network (PAN) program provides technical assistance and professional development opportunities to arts organizations throughout the state. Assistance is available on virtually every topic of importance to effective arts administration, including strategic planning, board development, fund-raising, volunteer training, grant-writing, program administration, and many other topics. A new program, PAN on the Road, brings valuable information on topics important to arts organizations to various locations around the state. Click here for more information about the PAN and PAN on the Road programs.


Want to know what's going on in the arts organizations around the state? Then LPA is just for you! Through the Partnership's bi-monthly meetings, members have the opportunity to network with arts administrators, artists, and affiliated organizations from throughout the state. Get successful fundraising ideas, set up a performing tour, duplicate someone else's proven arts education program: the possibilities are endless! The LPA list serve provides a means of keeping in touch, sharing questions and ideas, and keeping on top of fast-moving issues. .

Policy Participation

Through the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts, you can have an impact on the future structure and health of the arts community in our state. LPA maintains a close and successful relationship with the Louisiana State Arts Council and the Louisiana Division of the Arts, shaping and supporting the future for the arts life of Louisiana.

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